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Tips for Beginner photographer


Photography has been around since 1830’s. But back in the old days, it took a lot of time to take a picture and to develop one, but that’s not the case in this modern age. Nowadays it is effortless to take a photo, especially with the growing trend of smartphone, everyone can take a picture or a selfie together. Perhaps you’re a beginner photographer that wants to try out the photography world, if so, then you’re reading the right article. Here we have listed several tips for a beginner photographer, make sure to read this article to find out more about it.

social mediaTry out platforms for a photographer

If you’re thinking to gain some money from photography, then consider trying out platforms for a photographer, there are many platforms to choose from, which you can share your art. An example of the platform is Instagram, where you can share any post in any style, perfect for food blogger or people who take pictures of a model.

Don’t buy the expensive tools yet

As soon as you start, you might be thinking how nice it would be if you have those fancy cameras and accessories, but don’t buy those expensive tools yet. As you are starting your photography skills, you’re going to find out certain preferences, and then you’ll know what camera specifications that you want. Start small and then grow big.

Get a tripod

No matter what you are going to shoot, getting an inexpensive tripod is worth the money, they are there to help with your stabilization, and this is great when you have shaky hands. A camera’s timer function, when paired with a simple tripod, might get you one of the best photos in your career.

Tip: on a pinch, a stack of books on a table might do for an emergency tripod.

girlKeep your camera close

Ever wonder why a paparazzi is always ready with their camera? The reason why is that they always keep their camera with them, because who knows when they might stumble into a local celebrity. You don’t have to be a paparazzi but keeping your camera close is another tip because you never know when a great scenery or object is there for you to shoot.

Tip: keep it simple, make sure that you bring a small bag for you to carry your camera around.