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What Is a VPN and Why Use It?

virtual private network

Getting introduced to the Internet can be challenging, particularly due to many acronyms for almost everything. These might be ISP, URL, IP, DNS, and so many others that are mind-boggling for a starter. The reality remains that the regular Internet user hardly understands what these jargons are or represent. Fortunately, most of these acronyms are not important, and you need not know. However, with privacy and safety becoming a major concern today, there is an acronym that is critical for you to understand. This is the VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network.

Why Is VPN so Important?

connectionIt seems that every week we open the paper, we get a story of someone’s email being hacked. This includes people who exploit others with the private information they can extract from their laptops. This has become the new reality. It is important to secure our computers than locking the doors. Anyone who has had their identity stolen can take several years to recover from the ordeal. To prevent this, you should secure your online presence by regularly updating your social media security settings, using longer passwords, or using a VPN. A VPN is not full-proof. However, it is much safer than the other alternatives.

What Is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network is meant to encrypt and secure your private data by adding a layer of privacy. Simply described a direct computer access would be fast, but hardly secure as your connection can be traced back to you.

When using a VPN, you are using a secure server to access the Internet on your behalf. This way, you are masking your location giving the Internet the impression that you are located where the server is instead of your actual place of residence.

How to Use a VPN

At first, VPNs were made for corporations so that business data was protected, especially the sensitive ones. With unscrupulous online hackers, like WikiLeaks, becoming household names, the personal VPN market has skyrocketed in demand. More people prefer encryption as opposed to staying without.


VPNs vary in level of encryption rate, and this might be reflected n the price. When using public networks, VPNs are vital to helping safeguard your private data.

Arguments Against the Use of VPNs

technologyIt is important to remember that not all people have figured that the use of public data networks outside their home exposes them to a great security risk. In addition, VPNs result in a reduction in Internet speeds. If you are using a weak connection, you might experience a lot of buffering.

When encrypting and re-routing your Internet, there is no way losing speeds. In as much as there are free VPNs out there, they are counterproductive as they contain lots of irritating ads or sell out your information. Proper VPNs will cost money, and this has to be paid monthly or annually, keeping many from using them.


A VPN should not be mistaken to be an alternative Internet connection. It is a secure channel wherein one can access the Internet safely. Anyone can download and install it even if they are not tech savvy. You can find information on the best vpn for mac online today.

Considerations when Choosing a Web Host


It goes without mentioning that the primary goal of business entities why they invest on websites is that they want to be visible to their customers. Bear in mind though that no even the most sophisticated website is useless without a reliable web host. Which is why it is important to look for a web hosting provider when planning to build a website.


When it comes to choices of web hosts, there is no denying that there is a wide array of web hosting providers to choose from. Although web hosting companies have a lot of similarities, they have tons of differences too. This is the reason why you must research first prior to making a decision on which web hosting provider to pick. On the note, below are some of the tips for finding the right web hosting provider.


Apart from the initial cost that you typically pay ones you sign up, make yourself aware of the costs of the renewals too. Keep in mind that some service providers may have an affordable sign-up cost but the cost of the renewal will hurt your pocket. You can also look for service providers that offer discounted prices if you wish to save a few bucks.


WORDPRESS Some web hosting companies are ideal for big firms because they offer some of the most advanced features. However, it usuallyis very costly to do business with them. Not to mention that you cannot make use of some of the features if, for instance, you are a newbie blogger who does not have much expertise when it comes to building websites. Some web hosts, on the other hand, offer cheap packages but are only good for start-up companies since they have limited features. The bottom line here is that you must determine your purpose before choosing a web hosting provider.


It was mentioned above that web hosts play a crucial role in your website’s visibility. It is for this reason why you need to make sure that you pick a service provider that is reliable. See to it that the web hosting provider can offer remarkable page speed. Always remember that online users are quick to hit the X button if the web pages take time to load. Make sure as well that the web hosting provider operates round the clock. Your website must function for 24 hours every day.


It will matter a lot if you look for Testimonials pertinent to web hosting providers. This will help you a lot since you will know the first-hand experiences of other users.  Looking for reviews like the InMotion vs SiteGround WordPress review will also be advantageous since it will help you compare different web hosting companies. Most of the reviews were made by experts who have spent many years familiarizing themselves with these kinds of matters.